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Our Story

We love technology and creativity and we care about the environment!

Restarting life with my family after my 40s in a new country, a new profession, and even a new language, was certainly the best decision of our life.

Always looking to look on the positive side of the challenges of this journey, my family and I are growing infinitely every day.

The distance made us deeply miss our family and friends from Brazil, Japan, and other countries, but from this pain came the idea of ​​how to send greeting cards to my mom in Brazil, to answer the question,“Isn't there a way to send a card there without delays as 2 to 3 months, and for a reasonable price?”

The biggest challenge was to develop something simple and easy because my mom was an 88-year-old lady. 

The idea was to unite the physical with the digital, where with a simple tap of a phone on a greeting card my mom can get instant access to my digital messages, quickly and easily without having to download any app. (watch the video of my mom using our product here).


We quickly realized this technology could be useful to businesses and the environment! Much of this eliminates one-use throwaway greeting cards with something more permanent and reusable, we immediately saw how this could help create more sustainable flyers for groceries and all businesses that are investing in printed marketing. Not only does it help get rid of the 16 billion wasteful flyers printed every year just in Canada, but it’s better than paper flyers in every way: its cheaper, touchless, provides more MEASURABLE results, more ENGAGING experiences for shoppers, and it's really easy to use: no downloading apps, no sign-ups, you simply tap your phone on a Tap Poster or anything physical and instead of taking your money, you will get digital information about the product and some rewards to share with family and friends!

That's it! And that's essentially our story of how Ori.Gatou came to be.


We believe that there are fun ways to grab people's attention by respecting their privacy.


Our mission is to help businesses to engage directly with consumers in a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce, and events. To reduce 80% all paper flyer usage through our Tap N Tech technology.





Work with love, your art

What we do:

The same technology you use to pay for your groceries with Apple/Google Pay, but instead of taking your money, you will get some reward instead!

We create a new interactive marketing campaign that grabs people's attention in a fun way!

Also, it replaces the one-use printed flyers in every way:

  • Don't need to download any app, Just tap;

  • Interactive & engaging;

  • Measurable Analytics;

  • Respect consumer's privacy;

  • You don't need to worry with the tech;

  • Sustainable, replace the printed flyers.

Meet The Team

Rosana P. Iwasaki

Co-Founder & CEO


Diogo T. Iwasaki

Co-Founder & CTO


Daniel Rios

Full Stack Developer


Bianca Navarro

Marketing Strategist


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