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Tap n' Wow

Tap n' Tech window displays an interactive campaign, a powerful sales channel for your business!

  • Engagement: An interactive display can provide a fun and interactive experience for customers, increasing their engagement with the store and its products.


  • Visibility: Interactive displays can grab the attention of people passing by, making the store more visible and memorable.


  • Brand Awareness: Interactive displays can help to create a strong brand image and awareness by showcasing products in an innovative and memorable way.


  • Increased Foot Traffic: By creating an attractive and engaging display, an interactive window can encourage people to come inside the store, increasing foot traffic and potential sales.


  • Customer Insights: An interactive display can gather data and provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to inform future marketing and product strategies.


Imagine all of these advantages combined with the Tap N Tech technology in your store! The store will become a smart store!


Transform your storefront and drive sales with a custom Tap N Wow Interactive Window Display. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.


What is include:

- Access to the Ori.Gatou web system, along with analytics like:

- Total number of taps per hour, or per weekday across all tags

- Send different links infinitely to encourage or reward engagement;

- Rough estimate of the location of the Ori.Gatou tag;

- Customer support (Portuguese and English)

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