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Tap n' List

Are you expanding money with email marketing campaigns?

Did you know that personalized marketing is a key focus area in the loyalty relationship between businesses and customers?

Consumers expect email marketing to communicate a brand's stance on important issues, and a strong email marketing strategy conveys what a brand is and isn't, instead of being just a source of deals and discounts. 

For example, email between businesses and consumers works very well for travel booking information, banking account information, etc.  These are emails that consumers will always open it! 


Imagine having a pure, uninterrupted connection with your customers, free from the noise and distractions of the internet, prioritizing privacy, and allowing for seamless communication.


Tap N List campaign aims to create a direct channel of communication between businesses and customers and increase customer engagement, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Here are some key advantages to take with the Tap N List marketing campaign:

  • Exclusive channel, no distractions;

  • Digital content faster and easier, no need to download any app;

  • You can personalize and get the full attention of the customers;

  • Businesses gain credibility by respecting customer privacy and being transparent to collecting data. 


How does it work?

Step 1: Decide how many customers do you want to connect directly, and we will prepare the Ori.Gatags for each one.

Step 2: Let’s define the physical product, that it can be a card, or anything that match with your brand.

Step 3: You will received the Ori.Gatags connected with our platform, ready to put your digital contents

Additional service

Boost your Tap N List Campaign by adding a comprehensive marketing plan for both physical and digital products. Get in touch with us today to receive a customized quote.


Monthly 35.00 - Annually 29.00 save 20%

- The Ori.Gatags $3.50 each;

- The Ori.Gatou tags can not be sold separately from the subscription plan;

- Minimum order Ori.Gatou tags 5 units;

- Order above 250 units the price is $3.10 each

- Access to the Ori.Gatou web system, along with analytics like:

- Total number of taps per hour, or per weekday across all tags

- Send different links infinitely to encourage or reward engagement;

- Rough estimate of the location of the Ori.Gatou tag;

- Customer support (Portuguese and English)

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