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Tap n' Flyer

Risk Free! You just pay for results!

Do you know how physical stores are losing business to online stores nowadays?

How much money they are investing into printed flyers, printed coupons, QR codes, etc. just to attract shoppers back into their stores?

And as if that wasn't enough, measuring the success of a printed flyer marketing campaign for CPGs companies and mall stores can be difficult because traditional print marketing methods don't offer the same level of tracking and measurement as digital marketing. 


Imagine having the best of both the digital and physical worlds, with a simple tap of a phone? Where customers can access, inside the store, digital promotions, digital coupons, etc, instantly, without downloading any apps or giving away their data, respecting 100% of their privacy? All this while still being able to take their stuff home immediately, which is one of the biggest advantages that physical stores have over online ones!

The Tap N Flyer interactive marketing campaign connects businesses and customers with a simple tap of a phone, where and when they need most. The same technology you use to pay for your groceries with Apple/Google Pay, but instead of taking your money, you will get some reward instead!

How does it work?

Step 1 - One Tap N Share Poster (A3 size), are placed at the entrance, or inside the store. Inside the store, at some strategic point, a second Tap N’Share Posters, or decalc sticker, its depend of the product and the local, will be placed as well, for customers to share coupons.


Step 2 - Connect the posters or any marketing material that are being used during the campaign, with our digital platform, where we will place the business marketing campaign adding videos, information, new deals, digital coupons, notifications, recipes, etc, infinitely and instantly. The business no longer needs to spend money printing new flyers for the week's new promotions.


Step 3 - We take care of everything from all material*, installing the posters to the digital part of the product, entirely for free. You only pay when our tech generates a sale for you, a guaranteed return on your investment.


As a bonus, you encourage more people to help out the environment, generating positive branding and the most valuable form of marketing: word-of-mouth, as everyone will be commenting and sharing about your store.


What is include: all the physical material* and digital platform.

*Except the videos that is paid in the beginning of the campaign.

The results will be paid at the end of the month.


Contact us to request your Tap N Flyer Interactive marketing campaign by email at:

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